Another grocery store phenomenon I don’t understand is people walking around the store eating the food. Some they pay for later, some they don’t. I’ve always been a rules follower and I wasn’t raised by wolves, so it’s never once occurred to me to eat food before I’ve paid for it. The following are instances I witnessed:

  1. Woman reached into the salad bar and popped various vegetables and fruit into her piehole (never paid for since you can’t weigh and pay for already eaten food)
  2. Man was spotted casually and without remorse, eating seedless grapes in the produce section (not paid, see above)
  3. Lady opened a package of cookies and handed them to a kid riding in the cart, who proceeded to leave a trail of cookie crumbs everywhere (presumably paid for)
  4. Dude opened a bag of potato chips and ate them as he walked around the store, dropping potato chip crumbs everywhere (presumably paid for)

Are these criminal offenses? I suppose the shoplifting part is, but overall, I concede there are way worse things people could be doing with their time. Still though, it amazes me that they aren’t even subtle about it. Makes me think maybe the grocery stores just don’t care. I suppose if they don’t care, I should mind my own beeswax. Well, except for the part where people put their dirty hands into the salad bar… That’s just nasty. I don’t know where those hands have been and I don’t need them grazing my cauliflower! Good day, sir. I said, GOOD DAY!