Oh Twitter

Dennis and Callahan and Minihane

I think I lost my mind on Twitter tonight. It started with the news that NESN isn’t re-upping with Dennis & Callahan (presumably because of some silly un-pc slip of the tongue by Kirk Minihane) and turned into some sort of tsunami where I was yelling the word “fuck” in every other tweet. Continue reading

Helping people, yay or nay?

For once, this will not be a snarky rant. It’s more of a soul searching conundrum I find myself dealing with on a daily basis. Like many people, I live in the suburbs and work in the city. The city is Portland, Maine. It is a small city compared to Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, etc. but it’s big enough that I find myself encountering needy and homeless people every day. I am constantly giving people money either on my way to work (on the street) or on my way home from work (on the medians). My parents approve since they are generous people and raised me to be that way too. Continue reading

I’m alive!

I haven’t updated lately because I was planning to shut down this site since I went a couple of days with complete writer’s block and thought, “Why am I trying to have a website when I spend all day managing other people’s websites? Who has the time?” But, I changed my mind. It occurs to me that if I have nowhere to go to bitch about life, I might just explode into a million gnarly pieces. That would be ugly, bro. winkys

I was thinking I could just update Facebook, Twitter and Instagram instead of writing here, but it occurs to me that I am self-conscious about taking up people’s valuable time there. I’m not sure why, since the people I follow clearly don’t worry about such things, but it is what it is. I figure I can express myself here and no one has to read it unless they want to.

My snark rant of the day will come in the next post. I have a 3-4 paragraph limit on myself here. I know I don’t like to read more than that many paragraphs online. Then again, I have the attention span of a half-dead mosquito.